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Global Business Solution (GBS)

                                            3 in 1 package                                            

A) Data Management Software (DMS) consist of -

1) Organiser -

                        allow you to manage, record all appointments and meeting schedules and selecting the important details to pre-instruct the system to alert you through sms (h/p)

2) Personal Data Management

                store personal data and important telephone number, insurance policy, car info, birthday, anniversary..etc. Selecting the important details & to pre-instruct the system to alert you through sms (h/p)

3) Family Data Management      - kept separately

4) Customer Data Management - customer's data separately stored.

5) Supplier Data Management    - keeping all suppliers' data

6) Employee Data Management - keeping all employee personal data

B) Information Management Software

1) SMS Broadcasting System

         saving time and effort.  Informing members or employees of important circulars  or meeting or inform clients, customers...    of product promotions.         

Sending to a group of people at a touch of a key/button.

2) SMS Alert -  

          establishing SMS message in advance and pre-set time of transmission. The message can be deleted or edited. The transmission report, whether successful or not, is recorded and can be traced or checked (also time and date) anywhere and anytime.

3) SMS Learning

            receiving motivational quotes, biz building tips & ideas, new biz development, and tips and tools to make your biz grow.

4) Text Advertisement

                                   posting your advertisement at GBS2U website & may linkup to DIY webpage,   helps enhance the website hits rate.

5) Banner advertisement

      may be linked up to your website and helps enhance the website hits rate.

C) DIY Webpage (URL)

                    providing business partners more sources to advertise and penetrate the global business.

      It’s free, no monthly or yearly fee

                       With these facilities, you can improve efficiency, monitor and keep track of all records and be informed or reminded...  all these with one time registration and no renewal fee.

You can access your office (becomes mobile office), files and data, anywhere and anytime. It will be very helpful in future as your reference since all data and info are kept, stored and reminded of…all anniversaries, due/expiry dates,…etc

Free added bonuses -

      4 tour packages organised by Sunflower Holidays, free accommodation and food

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